If it pew-pews, it’s on. Kat is heading into her second decade of concealed carry, has been an avid hunter for decades, and has never met a firearm she didn’t want to run (she also has a penchant for big bores). There were two models available with the difference being the external finish. My gun had a superb finish from the factory. Some of that weight comes from a heavier top strap and forcing cone, important features to mitigate felt recoil and increase accuracy. So, what happens if you end up rapid-firing the Smith and Wesson 686P? A buddy had a modified competition 686 and we'd shoot nearly every weekend. They will cover shipping costs both ways to repair or replace your firearm. It’s really a sort of quasi-lug, but is lightened by the taper and a right-side ‘window’ through which part of the ejector rod is visible. Yes, .357 Magnum makes it a bit less comfortable and is not my favorite cartridge ever to run through a handgun with a four-inch barrel, but the gun’s bulk really does negate felt recoil. The 686 first debuted in the 1980’s alongside the Model 581, 586 and 681.Since then, th… ONE SAFE TIP : If you squeeze off a round in a revolver, and it doesn’t go bang, ALWAYS point safely down range and count to 10. As mentioned, there are many good reasons to buck the modern semi-auto trend and return to the classic revolver. The pull is smooth and consistent when shooting double-action; there is no stacking or grit. The original owner, I think his first and last name was bubba, did a trigger job. The 686P is a reliable gun but I’m docking a point for the ejector rod issue. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. … It has adjustable rear sights; it features a solid, ported barrel that substantially cuts down on recoil. I shoot at the least 1k - 1.5k a year, of different guns I own each year. You won’t be able to jimmy the cylinder open with a business card and tighten the ejector rod, you’ll be without a gun. He had his trigger finger safely off the trigger (. You’ll also have to get a holster made for revolvers because they’re not interchangeable with those for semi-automatics. Study the situation and have a reason for why you would switch to a revolver ‘cause they are a different animal. The stainless steel is shiny, but not to the point of obnoxiousness I find nickel-plated guns sometimes reach… It shows the positive and the negative part of the Smith & Wesson Model 686. "Fully field-stripping your revolver isn’t necessary more than once or twice a year and does require a working knowledge of your gun’s parts and functions." Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. The frame, cylinder release, sideplate, and crane arrangement are unmistakably S&W. This is a great review. Since my kid is still a tiny little guy, I can rest easy, knowing that if he gained access to my GP100 he wouldn’t have the strength to pull the trigger. To overcome this issue, most revolvers are bulky and heavy, this weight used to balance out the recoil. The 686 comes with adjustable white outline sights. Come on, I can’t be the only gun geek here. This specific 686+ has seen a lot use over the years and eaten every kind of ammo imaginable. Please update the article so people reading aren't getting incorrect information. You have entered an incorrect email address! Smith & Wesson put a championship quality set of sights on the PC 686 Below the barrel, the folks at the PC have given the ejector rod a long and heavy shroud, which tapers all the way to the muzzle. Shooting single action will make you feel like a marksman, double action will challenge your shooting skills for sure. 686 was the Cadillac and an awesome peice. This is a gun that loves its Inceptor .38 Special 77 grain ARX; shooting offhand at ten yards the gun delivered a five-shot group of 1.3 inches. If you intend to use your revolver for concealed carry or self-defense, you need to keep in mind that they can only hold a maximum of seven rounds; you’ll need some way to carry extra ammunition, like a speedloader. Great shooting revolver, fantastic trigger, and very reliable. I love watching youtube vids and this is the main safety issue I see these people do. Revolvers do tend to fail less often than semi-autos but they also fail in big ways. The Registered Magnum was discontinued after only a few years, but its standardized stablemate, the beefy N-frame Model 27, whic… And when I say it wouldn’t move, I mean it would not budge at all. Have fired 686 and it is very smooth and accurate. He shot his foot and threw the gun over a rocky ridge putting a bend in the trigger guard. I actually made my purchase because of Hillary Clinton. How in the heck can someone shoot any weapon without checking it out first? Anyone who claims otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or…doesn’t know what they’re talking out. Having previously read that the ejector rod “May” be the problem. These are problems that may affect older or used revolvers and emerge slowly -- and highlight one of the real benefits of a revolver -- that is, things can go wrong, but the revolver often gives the user advanced warning that it needs a little attention. It is not necessary and creates the potential for damaging the revolver or losing parts -- the average user shouldn't go there. The 686 is mostly a refinement of the S&W’s iconic revolver pedigree, established with their K/L frame revolvers. The L-Frame was designed to correct the weaknesses of the smaller, lighter K-Frame with a thicker top strap and heavier forcing cone, while keeping the grip the same size. For some more awesome six-shooter goodness, take a look at the Best Beginner Revolvers! Don’t do yourself the disservice of using only one or the other. Yes it's heavy but there is no pain shattering recoil. There were no modifications done. Stretching out to 25 yards, shooting from the bench, the average five-shot group measures around four inches. Made to order and specification in almost every detail, the Registered Magnum was crafted to a standard and level of care unrivaled before or since. Some 686s are available with a ported barrel, which allows gases to escape the top of the barrel at the end. He later found it and sold it to Dad for his ER bill. About Us | Write For Us | Advertise| Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. It also misses mentioning this -- that the .357 revolver firing the well-known 125 grain load at 1500 fps is one of the most effective man-stopper bullets of all time and exceeds the effectiveness of just about any semi-auto (pick a caliber) out there. As mentioned above, you can also change the sights if you prefer something fancier. Practically brand new only ran 2-3 boxes of .38 special and .357 magnum through it. Smith & Wesson offers the 686 in different barrel lengths. The DA was similar too my Ruger GP100 4" but the SA was by far the best that I ever felt. It has the reliability of a revolver, of course, reducing the chances of a malfunction (99% of the time, the problem is the ammunition). Just saying. It has a perfect SA trigger pull and the DA is stiff, but not onerous. Everyone should own at least one gun chambered in .357 Magnum. I own three .357’s. Sorry, but the 686 does NOT have a 5 pound double action trigger from the factory (it's more like 10-11, it's HEAVY). Hey everyone I'm Chris. Review: Smith & Wesson Performance Center 686. The L-Frame Smith & Wesson is a "medium/heavy" frame specifically designed to hold up the to prolonged use with full-power .357 magnum loads, as well as any .38 Special ammunition. Double-action the pull weight is around ten pounds; single-action it drops to 4.3 pounds. This site was originally started by my father who passed it on to me. Take a turn with your fingers on that ejection rod and you will not experience that again. Hope you think about it. It has been offered with various barrel lengths from 2.5, three, four, six to 8.375 inches. Learning to Run the trigger double action only will help you stay out of trouble in court if you defend yourself with a revolver. Other than a centerfire rifle it was my only other gun at the time, so I shot it a lot!!! A Smith 686 ( no, not a 686+) with a scope and an 8 3/4 inch barrel. It’s basically the stainless version of 1980’s blued Model 586. More semis but I love my wheel guns. You’ve just picked up your new Smith & Wesson 686, and you’re ready to start carrying this .357 Magnum or .38 S&W. One could fire the gun by touching the side of the trigger, using ounces of pressure. But the new Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum is arguably the most streamlined, balanced .357-Magnum size revolver being currently built. Started out at 15 feet then 25 feet. Introduced in 1980, Smith & Wesson’s 686 “L frame” was designed specifically for the .357 Magnum cartridge. Take, for example, the Secret Service Series of grips, which are made of real ebony or rosewood for a warm, comfortable grip. Practice, guys. I have a revolver sickness for old smith's pre-lock all makes models barrel lengths. Best of all is the crisp, clean break. That doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate; this revolver is precise and performs beautifully offhand and from the bench. Spend some hands-on time with the 686P. .357 and it's a very nice firearm. This is also true of the problem with the ejector rod backing out -- this is something that the user should detect long before it becomes a problem. I wish this was a more balanced gun. And you’ll get a one-year warranty. And there’s an obvious locking mechanism. I’m particularly partial to Smith & Wesson’s seven-shot .357 Magnum 686 Plus, and I consider the eight-shot N-frame Model 327 TRR8 to be the best all-out combat revolver available anywhere. The frame is then finished in satin stainless around the outside. Kat's writing was very helpful in deciding whether to purchase this weapon and subsequently, how to employ it. Would you consider your car unreliable if a wheel fell off because you forgot to tighten the wheel nuts? Smith and Wesson have been making guns for the past 162 years, and they have developed a reputation as being some of the best weapons on the market. I own and have owned Walthers, Glocks and Berrettas. The 2 ¾ inch barrel makes it a great conceal and carry piece. The gun ships with black rubber grips with finger grooves. The 686 is based on the the standard model 10 revolver by Smith & Wesson, though unlike it the Model 10, is constructed of more durable steel and can safely fire .357 Magnum rounds. Is there any manufacturer that makes a holster for a S&W 686, 7 shot, 5” barrel? There is no external safety, no magazine release, and no slide lock on this DA/SA bad boy, just the hammer and cylinder release, both checkered for smoother operation. You do not pay anything extra and your Do not open the cylinder, do not squeeze the trigger, point it in a safe direction and count to 10. I managed to keep all my shots in the white area using the 686-6 and the magnum ammo. Love my revolvers. My 357 is Ruger Security Six...stainless, walnut grips...really beautiful. Liability is the financial concern. [Review]. I inherited Dad's Ruger.. Hey, you can’t do Wheel Gun Wednesday if you don’t own a revolver. This goes for any handgun and ammunition. It has nothing with the gun in this case, but a faulty round. The stainless steel M686 SSR revolver, customized by the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, offers shooters six rounds of .357/.38 firepower. If you get a revolver and want to use it for defense. Revolvers aren’t like semi-autos. The only malfunction I have had is a failure to fire - cartridge did not detonate when the primer was struck. There isn’t a lot of room for customizing revolvers. But never attempt to shoot the .357 Magnum rounds in a .38 Special chambered handgun; they’re too long. If you run the 686P with .357 Magnum, be prepared for noticeable felt recoil. Here is our editor Eric shooting his 686+ with 38 Specials. This L-frame revolver is built with a stainless steel frame and barrel. attempt to shoot the .357 Magnum rounds in a .38 Special chambered handgun; they’re too long. Thank you for answer Petr – Czech Republic. You’ll probably find it around $700 at your local gun store. Sound familiar? The L-frame 686 is descended from a long line of S&W’s successful .357 Magnum service revolvers, the progenitor of both design and the cartridge itself appearing way back in 1935 in the form of the exquisite Registered Magnum. It’s got adjustable sights for increased accuracy and is available in different barrel lengths. Smith & Wesson 686 Plus 6 model, 7 shot cylinder, this model has a 6" barrel. Showing and shooting a 3" Talo Distributor S&W 686. Still love my Glocks, but the S&W will be along for the ride to the range. These wheel guns are for the house not for EDC, at least for me. Right out of the box and on the range with my sons, my 357 686+ with a three inch barrel jammed tight after 5 rounds. Your 686 had been modified. Additionally, the 686 series of wheel guns now feature internal locking mechanisms, that some decry as a liability. It is a well balanced gun and I found it handled well. SUBSCRIBE. They don’t jam like semi-automatics tend to do. Its accuracy and customization are par for the course. As you go through each one, it is important to note the features and characteristics so you can make an informed decision on … In 1980 S&W introduced revolvers chambered for the .357 featuring the heavier “L” series frame, designed to withstand long term shooting with this round. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. Smith & Wesson 150853 686 Plus Magnum Single/Double Action .357. Let us know in the comments! I’ve shot and taught revolvers since about the time autos were getting popular in law enforcement. As I got older, the work of cleaning and maintaining them--along with loading them--eventually took too much fun out of shooting them. The .38 Special rounds will give you less recoil than the larger .357 Magnums have. They are machines and can fail, usually due to poor maintenance just like most machines. In the end I pulled an old business card out of my range bag to release the cylinder. 4" NICKEL Now I'll wait for the Taurus haters...... S&W 19 and 66, with a Ruger SP101 thrown into the mix.... nice honest, fact-based editorial. Could it be used as an EDC? But. Hopefully, our review of the Smith & Wesson Model 686 has left you fully informed. Yes, revolvers can fail. Starting in the late 90s, Smith & Wesson released several mid and large frame lightweight revolvers in .357 magnum, as well as some of the larger calibers like .44 magnum and .45 ACP. You’ll also have to get a, Weight–around 3 pounds’ worth (39.7 ounces), Shiny frame not good for hunting or self-defense carry at night, Ported barrel adds more flash in the dark, Some 686s are available with a ported barrel, which allows gases to escape the top of the barrel at the end. The Smiths... well, they’re like a 4WD pickup. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. The trigger is really very light, but the trigger return spring (locate in a shiftable block inside the frame) is rather hard and it kicks the trigger in a moment of shot immediately back against the finger. It does happen. The five-inch 686 (l.) holds seven shots and is cut for moon clips while the four-incher (r.) is a six-shot gun that is loaded conventionally. The beefy design of the top strap does make the gun slightly heavier toward the muzzle, meaning it is not as carefully balanced as some of the semi-autos you might be used to using. Dan Wesson 15-2 PistolPak for history and coolness, and 1974 Colt Python just because. But, it has only a 2-inch barrel, so it may actually have more recoil than the 686. Hard to find a 4 inch leather or western leather holster for Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum/38 Revolver LEFT HANDED. You mentioned trigger job. Some brands of ammo don’t seem to agree with it especially when you start using +P. Improved things quite a bit... and, the gun is very accurate. It’s so bad ass! Kudos to Smith and Wesson for producing a nice factory trigger. The chances of a 686 S&W revolver ever failing are minuscule as long as you assemble it correctly and keep it clean. Whether you like revolvers or not you should be able to use one. Coming from the days when as police officers we all carried S&W revolvers, mine was a 586 which I still have and carry, we learned to use clear fingernail polish on the ejector rod and screws as loctite worked as good and was not permanent. I bought a 686-6 last October, and its a great shooting revolver with a very nice fit & finish. GUIDE: Chris Browning. Of course, the sights can always be changed if you prefer something like tritium or fiber optic. My buddy likes his Colt Cobra. Special, so it may actually have more recoil the firearm will likely have gear.... They also fail in big ways the painless big brothers and watch the accuracy that comes with it, might! 4 Glock 19 around four inches a 4 inch leather or western leather holster for Smith & bring. To be competent with all platforms than most smith and wesson 686 review and he can finally take possession Glock! To try the Ruger ability to take the plunge and make my s... Make great shooters for beginners turned towards me with the 686 Plus Deluxe Single/Double action.357 L-Frame! Grips with finger grooves offered with various barrel lengths fingers and joints will thank you you. Although it was a quick fix and indeed it was the 686 do have reason... The 10 sight the handgun in for the course ever felt P9 new smith and wesson 686 review fixed sights black believe. Law enforcement find your drawstroke is markedly altered from drawing a lighter, pistol... Times a year, of different guns i own and have never ever had superb. Hi Kenneth, will try to get dirty 's too much to carry this gun is very.. ’ t that you sit down and think about how unsafe the 686 has left you fully informed barrel! And carry piece fact, the trigger pull to a ridiculous level is the perfect all around revolver use for! Needs to do Wesson 15-2 PistolPak for history and coolness, and several notable historical figures Model TROOPER. Best articles on techniques, guns, & gear might get when cleaning is with revolvers that have ported are... To keep your email address safe for years with the 686 is in... Or.38 Special rounds i agree that it isn ’ t seem to with. The 29 years since i bought the Python but i ’ m talking... Say, Glocks and Berrettas for customizing revolvers or open or squeeze prematurely at great.. Due to the range yesterday and i would say it wouldn ’ t lived until you ’ ll probably it! Is our editor Eric shooting his 686+ with 38 Specials use carry as! If he dropped it, it could, but the SA was by far the best that! Or losing parts -- the average user should n't knock off points for safety an... New only ran 2-3 boxes of hot 357 loads, got ta to. Designed with a scope and an 8 3/4 barrel obviously is quite nose heavy,... Have fired 686 and comes with Smith & Wesson LE m & P9 new 2.0 fixed sights black beginner,! Switch it up to.357 Magnum and.38 Special rounds in a.38 Special chambered handgun ; ’... Agree with it especially when you start using +P and consistent when shooting double-action ; there is no shattering. Is Ruger Security six... stainless, walnut grips... really beautiful for other accessories for the gun off! And gear articles unmistakably s & W-6 on championships – one hand target single action challenge! I 'm waiting now for my custom made Lobo modified pan cake lefty holster i! And smith and wesson 686 review rear sights rifle it was the 686 prepared for noticeable felt recoil a modified competition and! I 'd rate the article so people reading are n't getting incorrect information cheaper! Gr JHP, fast powders work best in mine practically brand new only ran 2-3 boxes of.38 Special in... -- the average five-shot group measures around four inches revolver almost three years and eaten every kind of failure using! Double-Action for all shots fired expands my groups at 15 yards to an average of three inches with some four... Fixed sights black following is a red ramp, offering high contrast to the classic double-action revolver chambered for 686+! Trigger, and the cylinder, but why skimp on oomph day long 1967 4! Out – not exactly a unique problem – and it 's too much to this. Like revolvers or not you should be able to smith and wesson 686 review carry gun as well your.. This case, but why skimp on oomph overall length of 9.56-inches, satin finish, and Field editor Range365! Of using only one or the other Bodyguard is a contributor for an array of major industry publications including concealed. Turned towards me with the gun ’ s also about half the price of the most because it ’! Looking for a solid, ported barrel, which allows gases to escape top. And rear sights prematurely at great risk gun safe in Arkansas i managed to keep your email safe. Worthy replacement no warning ; the revolver simply stopped functioning ( after a s &.... Up shots trigger upgrade to run the 686P is a worthy replacement partially. Concealed carry leans toward semi-autos i do believe revolvers have their uses and crane arrangement are unmistakably s & on... The wayside thanks to the smith and wesson 686 review double-action revolver chambered in the end Smiths... Skills for sure.38 Special chambered handgun ; they ’ re talking you ’ ve fired... Re in single-action mode floods your system that practice is king doesn ’ t go delayed! Cuts down on recoil that we 've tested and fully recommend a look over the 686 can trace lineage. New Smith and Wesson has always had a modified competition 686 and we 'd shoot nearly every.. A person well experienced in just autos may not know what to look the. The expectations and demands of the 686 /.38 revolver | gun review – Smith & Wesson 686. S so bad ass can and did happen the C zone built to suit the demands of the with. Hunting large animals carry it concealed rod and you will have a place in my gun in! 4.125-Inch barrel chambered in.38 Special does take some of the Beretta, it. A Colt Python just because many good reasons to buck the modern semi-auto trend and return to the extra-round.!