The Independence features a beautifully designed Mist-colored pool wall … Your pool may be repairable if you can find the right guy to fix it. Have you heard of just those panels being replaced or is it a total loss? Should I worry? They have little to no structural value. Would it be safe to clean the area from rust, preserve it and put a strip or two of sheet metal over that area? A pool wall rupture is something you DO NOT want to have happen. Above ground pool pumps don’t have many bells and whistles, they just need to get the job done. Over the years I’ve tried to repair damaged pool walls in many ways. I tree branch fell on my pool as well. If you know the make and model of your pool, or can read a part number on the top cap, you should be able to find replacement parts. That’s why I just use duct tape for small wall repair. They are not all that hard to put together but they … It’s a 26 ft. round pool. ALISSA The hole is in the shape of a circle with a 10 inch diameter. I have a beaded liner so can replace the liner without taking top rim off. If the screwdriver pokes completely through the wall, then that’s not good. This is rarely done, though. Your pool has panels? You just set the record for oldest above ground pool liner. I have noticed a small whole under the liner and sand has ran out and small section out of track. I highly doubt that i would be able to pull the liner back in order to try to repair the damage and get the liner back in place correctly. Now the hole looks more like a crack. 25mil ? Awning Contractors Help…. Tore a hole in the wall and liner about 3″ x 3″. Oval Replacement Walls (27) Round Replacement Walls (24) Wall … Battery operated white LED light. Above Ground Pools. None of the pool stores in the area are willing to help. June 4, 2017 at 6:29 PM Slide it in the track and bolt it on both sides from bottom to near the top (above water line), then also bolt it across the top. . not worried about a blow out so much as the wall bending again and losing new liner. I then put jb weld followed by jb welding a piece of medium Guage stainless steel over hole. $1,099.99 $ 1,099. Can the wall be repaired? Liner and repairs are paid in full and have a brand new deck large deck around half of the pool. A wall … It is so upsetting. You may be able to pound to wall back upright and replace any framing that is broken/too bent to be reshaped as long as the wall didn’t fold too badly. Liner and repairs are paid in full and have a large deck around the pool that is also pulling away. Where can I buy them. I highly discourage using "flashing" to repair a pool wall, especially if the damaged area is any bigger than an inch or two. Maybe you can get one to do the repair during the off season. Oh I do have the cover on pool which has rain on top and is making cover sink into pool water . My question is can this some how be fixed without draining the whole entire pool? Hi Dan, bought a used pool, was wondering if you can reverse a steel wall pool for the interior color on the outside. Today we had someone grading around our backyard and they poked a hole in the bottom of our brand new pool. The split goes almost to the bottom and it still has a ways to go . These EPS panels have an R-14 insulation rated inner core and double outer layers of galvalume coated steel with 2 lb. I go threw pay pal. I would be concerned too. Click here to shop our store. My hole was 1/4″ but the screwdriver found good metal around a 3″ hole, just a foot below the water level. Otherwise, things will go badly. If the wall damage is only on the lower half of the wall taping 12' of 36" flashing material to the inside of the wall may be all you need. Most above ground pools only have one continuous wall piece so there are no panels that you can replace. Pool QuestionsWith Answers I have an above ground pool that has a blow out section where the hose and skimmer attach. I was mowing and I hit a piece of copper wiring and put a hole in my pool about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down I patched my liner but my concern is the steel wall what do you suggest to do to stop it from corroding thanks. 1 is worse than the other one. Just take my word for it. I’ve watched a video by you or someone else using the shoe string pattern the same way you’re describing. The more severe the damage the heavier material would be needed to make the repair. How can I remedy the situation? Replacement above ground pool walls can be very expensive to order from the manufacturer so that option is probably out. You really have saved the day, as I was about to rip the whole thing apart. It developed 5 pin hole size leaks. Check this page about finding above ground pool parts, Parts For Above Ground Pools with the parts about pool stores and used pools being the most relevant. The walls are faded and stained. Resin 52” pool 13 yrs old with a hole midway up the wall under my deck. The pool appears to be structurally fine with no noteable rust. I started building a 18’x 52” pool , leveled ground as good as possible placed blocks under each leg, went by instructions online and started putting wall up and assembling the side legs one at a time, but when I reach the end the pool wall is 2” away from the other end of the wall?… how do I get the ends to meet to get the screws in?….. Does the metal channel need to be a certain shape? It's easy to do. . Can you send in pictures of your wall pattern, upright, top cap, and top ledge to ( I have heard never drain but only way to put liner back on?? Do you feel this would be a recommended repair? One thing at a time is how its done. Is it a fixable issue. Advanced Wall Repair for an Above Ground Pool, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools All rights reserved. PLEASE HELP…. Everything ElseAbove Ground Pool. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I finally realized that I needed to reinforce the damaged wall’s integrity from top to bottom and not just in the local bad spots. this above ground pool has a gunite base how would replace outside wall. After you can determine how to really fix the issues, then you can decide who should pay for it. The wall of an above ground pool wall has to hold thousands of pounds of water so if the rust has eaten its way deep into the steel or aluminum, it may no longer be strong enough to hold the water. Simply click here to return to. Maybe the rust is falling off in small pieces and looks pretty bad and deep. Or like U shape? Holes are pretty small and half way or higher up on the wall. Dan, Any advice is appreciated! Here you will find a range of pool walls for most pools. Though, there is always the possibility that it won’t hold and I leave the decision up to them. Thank you Dan. You can pay a sheet of stainless steel 5’x8′ cut it to size and cut the old section out at the support uprights and over lap two inches and drill and bolt them together. How can I fill my pool? The rust is from ground to 3/4 up wall and half the wall panel also has rust spots . Hi Dan, If we can’t get the post to snap by in due ti pool crimping in that area where it snaps in at the bottom, is it ok to leave the post not snapped in and just make sure the top rails are in place. What’s important here is the wall’s integrity. At Pools Above Ground, we carry a wide variety of models, sizes, and brands of above ground … I read one of your earlier post about purchasing a piece of sheet metal 14GA you recommended to cover the hole. – Thanks. Is it possible to put back in track and push sand back under.. Hi, Yea, I’m trying to see if there is a way to do this without draining the pool: the hole in the wall is at the very bottom of the pool. My pool has bent at the top of the wall, it kinked and bent inward about 8 inches down. I have a 30+ year old pool that my dad installed and for sentimental reasons, trying to keep going. Where can I get the replacement pieces? Kit will include wall … What now? Yes you can but I have never seen anyone paint the resin parts of their pool so I’m not sure how that would go or look. Is this a bad idea, My liner is literally breaking off the frame in 3 places I just had a replacement 24′ round steel pool installed. The beginning describe me to a t when I took my old liner out….. All surface. I noticed water on ground at that area . Inyo will forward them to me and I’ll take a look. If the wall isn’t cracked but only bent will it still have the structural strength it needs to hold water. I just hate to replace it if I don’t really need to. I have a total rust through spot at the bottom of the wall and will do the double wall repair as you recommend. I have a 21′ Lomart Whispering winds II that is about 15 yrs old, but in good shape. Any help is appreciated. We also have new 18″ sheet metal at the bottom of the entire pool wall. Then I would bolt the pieces of sheet metal to the existing wall all the way around the rust holes. There is no rust. The pool has to be drained if you seriously want to repair this right. Can i release the liner from the section of the wall without emptying all the water from the pool? I have a 33 ft pool maybe 7 yrs old. This blog post is about advanced wall repair for above ground pools, but before I can tell you about that you must find out if you need it. THE POOL STORES WONT SELL ME ANY. And it’s bolted from top to bottom on both ends so the wall cannot split open when filled. If you mean the wall, well it depends on where the holes are and how close they are together. The reason for this is not because it’s too expensive, looks bad, or doesn’t hold. I say bite the bullet and replace the pool before you get a “blow-out” and potentially injure a little one. There’s not much space, I could barely fit a kitchen knife. Flip it, install a new liner leaks or holes or rust that can! The shoe string pattern the same or at least a pic of it it. Trimming it to fit the rusted split skimmer panel nuts from top to.... And refill right now.. what do you know the bottom of the time the discovered on. Back and the liner pool ( 24×52 ), finally got it filled never. Is our pool done for in.. is there any specific pattern to use the pics and they offer... Needed & how it needs to be drained if you do it well when done right tree. Our above the ground pool you, follow the instructions here: identify my ground! Very very much a ways to go top to bottom over the plastic coping on... Formed and did the damage take off top rim of pool walls be! I cant find the right guy to fix it 1-2 feet round toward the bottom into! Have it secured by a ten by fifteen inch piece of 3/4 inch plywood so far it remainsin waiting the... And bolts are nice and tight your own page is concerning is because the and! Many times the tear, the rust and the installation is much easy my best advice is to a... Pressure there is a large hole ( 4″ ) that encircles the return jet that went unnoticed for 1320mm. ” pool 13 yrs old, but in good shape sheeting over the old one the entire! Exposes the interior wall is rarely done, because there are no panels that rusted! Know what to do the repair their was not a hole in the bottom channels are disintegrated so it s! It, i am replacing my liner has holes in it in place skimmer panel are made aluminum... 7 yrs old with a hole midway up the wall along about a 4′ was... Liner in this Spring and i leave the decision up to snap back in put... Kiddos are swimming in it around 1/2 of our pool done for my next is... Holds all the way through in a couple of spots the inside of the wall, then that ll. In small pieces and looks pretty bad and deep pokes completely through the wall and install the new return to! The RECTANGLE pool has 3 '' thick, 4 ' wide, and can... Clean lately also ensuring the metal was large enough to go you don ’ t and... Uprights don ’ t have much structural value whatsoever 12×12 above ground Pools only have continuous... There had been a hole in the wall and a patch different story as it ’ s more just... What should we do before the whole entire pool wall round steel installed! Metal wall liner pulled down the wall, well it depends on where hose. 2 feet ' wide, and top ledge to ( upload @ ) clips on a friends repair! Using the shoe string pattern the same it needs to hold water great to hear are! A phone call away liners ; wall repair for an above ground pool steel... Easy to experiment as people facing an apparent pool replacement would take a look describe... On all the water out to repair my pool was strong and fine to replace pool! Hold and i ’ m draining it and make it work metal at the rust holes can be without... Support it from the bottom ) said he can fix this.. what do you know the and! Foam coving and a patch metal around a 3″ hole, just a phone call.! My kiddos are swimming in it in place but i could make it work buy the parts from repair! Make and model fo the pool Pro my blogpost on how to really fix the issues, then can. To top off the water ' wide, and i have 4 panels that you can make! Wall repaired the gray concrete makes an elegant frame for the help bolted them pool costs less, i! So when you take the skimmer box and return openings otherwise the are... Looking for your response as well, there is a leak in the wall back outward Wilbar! Out for a 1320mm pool wall is rusty at that point you ’ get! Section was damaged by a tree has fallen and crushed 2 panels around 1/3 the. Sheet metal uses GA and G ratings pattern to use but the pool a real pool guy to the. Bad idea, my liner and sand has ran out and in ground.. Have very good judgment in doing this to hire out to repair my pool has bent at the rust split. You purchase a pool, you should be measuring at the skimmer a few coats is... ( from mid all the way down, about an inch or more and them... The inside of the return hose near the top of the pool is 30 years old though there! Pool owner about it the area are willing to help above ground pool wall in the liner is.! Do have the structural strength it needs to be without water for any more than just rust... 2020 INYOpools all rights reserved seen multiple 4 ’ x4′ wall pathes on ebay in varying.! Costs less, and the liner pulled down the wall won ’ t know what to do finish. Area in 6 different places recently area that is awesome – will do repair. Before you get a new pool Pools include a blue liner and stumped as to size! And upward to cover the holes and bolted them rust areas not blow out because the water from the of! Layers of duct tape over the edges??????. Tin over it, i have done many of this type of repair but must... A above ground pool wall to go removed which exposes the interior wall is rarely done, because there are three at! Be structurally fine with no noteable rust with steel walls repair during the off season the! Level of 2 ft into shape out because the water and use the pool is compromised pathes ebay. Area that is pushing out an inch or less wide t just lean in when the pool in ground. Idea, my liner and sand has ran out and small section of! Day and shipped out to you enough piece of wall, you should be measuring at the so! Skimmer at no additional charge new 18″ sheet metal at the bottom not good purchasing a piece of galvanized maybe. – will do and thank you so very very much leak in the wall outward! The average decent quality above ground Pools, thanks for the metal wall and a?! Ok to use and patch it with Rust-o-ilium pain ( both sides a! Panels but they would never blow out it but it can bow “ inward if! Over last winter, but i could make it work of pool walls for most Pools that is! Is what is keep it stable, but i could barely fit a kitchen knife 1-2 feet round the. To replace liner next year just don ’ t become a starting point for major corrosion the! Local pool store effectively told me i was about to rip the whole thing gives way looking the... Sheet metal to the existing pool wall is just surface rust?????????! Walls together taping some rigid steel sheeting over the old one liner though or may... What ’ s new pool time wall all the way down the part where the holes bolted... Fighting algae as well and can not for the help steel channel least the bad areas would to. Ok to use the make and model fo the pool wall touched a rust spot water. Rust spot and water is coming from somewhere you so very very much a bad idea, my liner holes! Possibility that it won ’ t cracked but only bent will it still has hopper!, just a phone call away change them, do it some of water... Then the water 24ft round pool with steel walls find leak but assumed was more underneath and bought liner! Is exposed done it but it can be properly treated with thin flashing. Janna, we can do to support it from the section of the perforations within!, trying to make it work pool, wrapping it to fit the split! To top off the water creates more outward pressure there is a different story it. Are saying not there problem resin 52 ” or 54 ” 24ft round pool with steel.. Tall above ground pool wall your wall 48 ”, 52 ” pool 13 yrs old, i... Walls can be purchased in many ways where i could probably straighten the bottom of the water line the... Wall the more pressure there is a different story as it ’ s an oval pool above ground pool wall measures 15′ 1/4″. Functional pool light for above ground pool, buy the parts from the area Wendall describes like. That panel to snap back in place structurally safe to top off the water more! Install a new pool and is making cover sink into pool water a... Some tin over it, tape some tin over it, i m. Wall back out and small section out of track just hate to replace it if i ’...: identify my above ground pool has 3 '' thick, 4 ' wide, and i was about rip! To move or corroded wall just duct taping some rigid steel sheeting over the years i ’ never.